Bound gagged girl is getting buried alive

You have to agree with me: BDSM episodes featured by the majority of the fetish websites are lot alike. Normally there is bound gagged girl being punished and tormented in various ways. Boring! We've seen that hundreds of times and looking for something really bizarre! However there are a few places on the net where BDSM action still has that magical power that captures your attention immediately. How about seeing a bound gagged young lady getting buried alive?

Hardtied website constantly extends the limits of BDSM powerplay. They easily do absolutely nasty things to helplessly bound and gagged women. It is hard to remember another site that have enough balls to torture bondage slave by drowning her in the mud, crucifying on cross or locking a nude girl in an outdoor cage for a whole night. Today they've exceeded everyone's expectations by burying alive a beautiful bound gagged slut.

Charlotte Vale is that type of women we all enjoy seeing put in bondage and tortured. Beautiful and submissive, she normally enjoys every second of her BDSM humiliation. The girl isn't a newbie in hardcore bondage area but today even she is terrified with the thing upcoming! Just imagine being undressed, bound and gagged and then buried in the huge pile of soil. This is one of those points where silly bondage games are being turned into something really medieval and bizarre!

I love that way nude bound gagged woman is being taken to the place of her torture. Nude and with her hands tied behind the back, Charlotte is forced to go on foot. The girl is being hogtied once the destination is reached. There is a tight butt plug put in slave's ass and a ball gag keeps the slut quiet. The tension gets to its maximum once the first piles of dirt being thrown on the back of bound gagged lady.

Unable to see what's happening because of a blindfold, bondage woman don't know for how long she will be able to breath. I bet she is totally wet at the moment and probably had a couple of orgasms already! Have you seen anything as much as exciting than a sexy hogtied girl getting almost buried alive? I wonder how long would it take for her to be fully to covered up with earth?

I guess Hardtied gained your attention? They have loads of other really bizarre BDSM episodes for you to watch! Dozens of sexy nude bound gagged women are fully degraded with the craziest tortures a human mind can ever come up with! Click the banner to visit Hardtied right now: enjoy thousands of pictures and download hundreds of hours of HD movies. Believe me: there isn't other place on the entire Internet where women are getting trained and punished with such a cruelty as at Hardtied!

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