Bound gagged secretary left alone to fight her bonds

Intruder attack was always one of the most popular scenarios for bondage scenes. It is always interesting to see a helpless secretary or housewife being bound gagged by a criminal that have broke into her house or office. Lots of people enjoy the way attacked woman fighting the criminal but then being enslaved and fully immobilized with tight bondage. I know a really ice website that is fully devoted to this type of BDSM roleplay.

The site I am talking about is RopExpert and here are the examples of bound gagged ladies they dealing with. The story features a pretty secretary that has been assaulted by intruder in the office, tied up with lots of ropes and then left alone to fight her ties.

There are usually several tiny bits that make secretary bondage very special and one of them is definitely the clothes office ladies are wearing. Lots of BDSM fans really like to see bound gagged woman who is dressed in a strict dress, wearing stockings and high heel shoes. This is the exactly outfit today's bondage victim is wearing.

The intruder attack happened very quickly and the girl just hasn't had a chance to call for help. Just after a few minutes of fighting she found herself sitting on a chair all bound gagged and having no ability to move are there lots of tight ropes are being put over her torso and legs. For about half an hour intrude was searching for the money and then just left the building.

Alone, bound gagged and helpless, sexy MILF is waiting for someone to enter the office and set her free. The criminal guy was kind enough to unbutton the secretary's jacket so we can enjoy a pair of lovely breasts of the girl. Another thing that captures your attention immediately is the length of the skirt. It is so short that you can almost see girl's panties as she rolls on the floor. It will not take lots of time until lit will ride up to expose a perfect ass. Would you like that to happen with the ball gagged woman?

As you can see by the sample pictures in this post RopExpert is all about intruder bondage and forced captivity. The site is updated daily with pictures and videos of attractive office ladies and housewives who was attacked by criminals and put in tight bonds. Approximately the half of the bound gagged victims of RopExpert are stays dressed but the other half getting their clothes ripped down or cut into pieces. Beautiful secretaries tightly bound, silently gagged having almost no clothes on: what else do you need from a bondage episode? Click the banner below to start enjoying bound gagged damsels!

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