Girl was put in bondage, gagged and fucked on a job interview

What bad can happen during an ordinary job interview? Well nothing, except that kinky case when you are a girl and the boss is your ex who is looking forward to pay you back for the messy breakup. More luckily you are about to find yourself stripped, bound, gagged and fucked hard!

Girl is about to have her job interviewEx is havin gher bound and gaggedTabel-tied woman is banged

Sexy Dani was looking for the job to become a secretary. She just came to another office and found out that her ex-boyfriend is the person she is about to have interview with. The guy is still upset with the ugly breakup they've had in the past and he is going to use this opportunity for the revenge: having the slut fucked bound and gagged seems like a good plan!

Taken in sexual slavery by forceSecretary is fucking in bondage

Girl was trying to runaway but found herself bent over the table and with her hands tied behind the back. She felt his arms ripping her clothes down and a cock making its way down to her pussy. Poor Dani has to spend many unpleasant minutes being nude, bound, gagged and satisfying her ex every dirty sexual fantasy. Would you like to watch the full version of this episode BDSM?

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Aborigines are having a couple of blondes knocked out and then bound and gagged

What could be better than a beautiful woman bound and gagged? Well two girls apparently! There is this kinky story about a couple of hot adventurers presented by the Models Tied website I'd like to share with you. It is about a couple of hot damsels got in trouble. Are you ready for elegant and glamorous bondage?

Hot girls are searching for treasuresBlondes are knocked out with poisoned arrowsSavages have taken the girl is captivity

Two beautiful blondes on the pictures are explorers on the hunt for ancient treasures. They are pretty close to their goal but there is one thing silly sluts aren't aware of and it is a lot of aborigines who are hiding in the bushes. A couple of accurate dart shots are enough for both of the sexy ladies to be knocked out with the dope. Poor, poor whores!

Blondes are bound and gaggedAborigens are having hot women bound and gagged

Damsel in distress story begins with blondes waking up helplessly bound and gagged. Their clothes are unbuttoned and partially ripped. One of the ladies is having her big boobies fully exposed but there is nothing she can do about that. I wonder, if the girls are going to escape their captivity or they'd stay in hands of cruel savages?

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Medical examination of bound and gagged petgirl

I always enjoy when classic bondage is being combined with other kinds of kinky play. Sometimes this sort of fetishes mixing can be very exciting. Below I've posted a couple of previews where busty petgirl is getting bound and gagged naked: the exact thing I am talking about!

Ring gagged petgirl is posing on her kneesPigtail butt plug for the petgirlButt plugged MILF petgirl roleplay

Do you know who petgirls are? Well basically they are submissive women who enjoy a very special sort of roleplay where they are getting degraded to the level of household pets. Petgirls has to do all the things your average bitch would do: to be naked all the time, to walk on all fours and sleep in the basket, to wear collar and to be leashed, to eat from the dog bowl and many other kinky things. Medical examinations for petgirls are not an exception and you are invited to the veterinarian office where one of the petgirls is being taken care of.

Petgirl Summer Cummings was let out of her cage just seconds ago. Doctor is having busty bitch well oiled and her mouth ring gagged. It took him good half an hour to inspect each of the holes of that luscious body. Petgirl is happy to have a couple of tiny bells attached to each of her massive boobies and a pigtail butt plug put in her ass.

Bound and gagged slave Summer CummingsBound gagged woman for rent

I can't imagine a person who'd refused to play with a busty petgirl like that! Just think of how fun it would be to have her sitting at your feet, licking your toes and eating her meal from the bowl! Luckily, petgirl Summer Cummings is available for rent! Look: she is lying on the table helplessly bound and gagged. The body writing on her belly says clearly that she can be taken home for a small fee: how kinky is that!

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A couple of busty lesbians are bound and gagged with scarves

What can excite you more than a beautiful blonde posing nude, bound and gagged with silk scarves? Well two blondes obviously! It is the exact sort of bondage scene I would like to share with you today.

Scarf bondage lesbain slavesSlave Frankie is gagged wiht scarfNaughty blondes doing some selfbondage

Those beautiful nymphs, who are using scarves to bind themselves, are Lucy Zara and her mate Frankie. Both girls enjoy exposing themselves in front of millions of people: that's why they post their bondage pictures at the Bound Obsession website on a weekly basis.

Bondage slave Frankie is tied up by Lucy ZaraBound and gagged lesbians

Sluts are in the mood of feeling a bit of helplessness. Lucy takes her time to bound and gag Frankie with stripes of cloth. Being blindfolded is very important for submissive lesbian so captive blonde ends up with a scarf put over her eyes. Miss Zara does a little bit of self tying once finished with her mate. Lucy puts a good-looking bondage over her breasts, binds, gags herself and joins Frankie on the floor. Nude and helpless, sexy girlfriends are about to enjoy their helplessness for the next half an hour. Would you like to see more of them having fun?

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Mob in punishing bound gagged girls for spealing drugs

This is the story about a couple of sluts who was working in the underground drug laboratory and was caught stealing the product. Poor girls are now on their knees, bound, gagged and waiting for the punishment.

Nude girl working in the drug laboratorySearching for drugs during close examination

Dumb bitches were hiding drugs in their vaginas, but stolen goods were found by the supervising mistress during close examination. Nobody can steal from the mob: girls are to be punished severely! Tied up with ropes, and gagged, captive ladies are about to be fucked first, then whipped and locked inside the cage.

Busty blondes are bound gagged and is to be punihsedTied girla rea whipped severely

Nobody knows what is going to happen to these bitches now. We all know how cruel mob is so nobody would like to trade placed with these young ladies! Poor stupid whores!

Bondage whores are sucking cockCaged blondes are about to be punished

You can enjoy the security camera video showing one of the gangsters degrading bound and gagged blondes. Dominant mistress is helping him to do the close inspection of slut's asses and cunts. Sex and Submission website has the hi-defitition movie of it happening and you can enjoy it by clicking the banner above. Check it out right now to discover bound and gagged girls horrible twist of fate!

Bound and gagged schoolgirls are taken to the desert for training and punishment

It happens quite often when girls are in need of help when fighting bad attitude. Qualified master would suggest using spanking and other types of corporal punishments. But there is always another way. What about acting a bit bizarre and taking bound and gagged schoolgirls to the desert for unusual bondage training?

Using SUV to transport bound and gagged coedsBound and gagged girls are moving rocks

You have to admit the fact that guys from website is blessed with imagination and has lots of creativity! In this feature film they've grabbed a couple of naughty coeds, gagged them, put in bondage and taken away from school in the back of an SUV. Poor sluts has to go through many unpleasant hours to prove that they attitude has changed!

You need flash to see this movie.

The first part of the action is all about using slave labor. Both blondes are absolutely nude, bound, gagged and forced to carry big boulders! I've seen lots of kinky bondage scenes but the one where undressed tied up women are forced to do the hard work under the hot summer sun is over the top!

Girls are tied to rocks and gaggedLeft in the desert nude, bound and gagged

Exhausted sluts are then being tied up to huge rocks and left alone for a long time. I guess they are going to have plenty of time (while hanging there bound and gagged) to think about their disgraceful behavior. Do I have to mention the fact that master fucked both of the tied up whores before leaving? You have to see this happening!

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Nude girl is bound with wooden stocks having a chain in her pussy and her head is boxed

I am about to show you another set of pictures where gagged girl is subjected to a very unusual type of bondage. I hope you enjoy tiny tits because today's subgirl is having the smallest breasts ever been posted in this blog. Shall we put her in wooden stocks?

Slave Ashli is bound with chains and gaggedBoxed head of nude and bound slaveGirl is helplessly bound with wooden stocks

Slavegirl was standing still with her hands and legs cuffed at the beginning of the scene. Steel gag was preventing her from making any noises once her clothes were cut down in pieces with the sharp knife. Ashli had been put in two pairs of wooden stocks once nude. Poor girl weren't able to make even the slightest move and rusty chain was causing lots of pain to her pussy. I wonder who's idea it was - to use chain as a crotch rope? Nice way of teasing bound and gagged woman!

Nude slavegirl is bound, gagged and kneelingRubber cock in tighs ass of BDSM slave

In most of the normal bondage scenes only bonds and gags are used for teasing and torturing girls. But Device Bondage isn't a normal website and they do not hesitate using little bits of creativity along the action. Featured scene is not an exception and there is a kinky BDSM box is put over the head of captive young lady. It looks just bizarre. Especially when Ashli is bend forward and having rubber cock shoved deeply into her ass. Would you like to see more pictures of this bound and gagged slut getting trained?

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Bound and gagged MILF is taking dirt bath and then doing blowjob in bondage

I know how much you are getting excited with truly bizarre BDSM action! Something very special is here today! Think of an extremely sexy MILF getting bound with steel restraints, then gagged and placed in the very middle of a puddle full of slush. Helpless and almost drowning in the dirt, that slut is then forced to do a bondage blowjob! What a perverted scenario!

Kneeling MILF is bound and posing in the puddleCuffed girl is covered with dirtForced dirt bath for sexy bondage slave

I guess you know Rain DeGrey? She is an extremely submissive slut who enjoys being bound, gagged and degraded in the most perverted ways you can ever think of. Today she is returning to Infernal Restraints website to have another nasty BDSM experience of being restrained, forced to dive into a pond full of mud and doing a blowjob in bondage. Can you come up with another idea of something as kinky as this scenario?

Handcuffed woman was wearing a short white dress at the moment when she was put on her knees and dunked into the liquid mud. I've seen many different ways of degrading bound and gagged sluts but this one goes directly to the top of the nastiest! Rain looks truly miserable when on her knees and all stained with dirt in the middle of the ditch.

Extreme strappado bondage for dirty MILF Gaging bondage slut with the cockBound and gagged dirty cocksucker

Infernal Restraints is famous for extreme type of BDSM action and today's episode is not an exception! Dirty slut Rain (literally!) is going to blow a cock after taking bizarre outdoor bath. Helpless woman is put into a strict strappdo pose and got her throat fucked nicely. What do you think: if she deserves to be washed with water after swallowing ass the cum? Or you'd prefer bound and gagged MILF to stay dirty for the rest of the day?

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Helplessly bound and ring-gagged blonde is locked in the refrigerator

I like when the classic bondage scene includes a bit of weirdness. Here is a perfect example of this kind of stuff: hot naked blonde is put in bondage, ring-gagged and locked inside a small fridge. Have you ever seen frozen subgirl? Well enjoy then!

Using ropes to tie up sexy blondeBondage MILF is posing nakedPlastic-wrapped girl is ring-gagged

Let's be honest - some guys do not limit their creativity when it comes to torturing bondage women. What a sick mind a bondage master had to have to come up with an idea of putting ring-gagged rope slut in the working refrigerator! That's the way we like it: when traditional bondage is diversified with a bits of truly bizarre action!

Fridge is a nice place for ball tied girl to be put inWould you like to see frozen bound gagged girl?Bondage MILF is locked inside the refrigerator

There is a whole bunch of BDSM tools are used for restraining this woman. The lady is tied up with rope, there is a ring gag put in her mouth, her eyes are blindfolded with black duct tape and then, finally, her entire body is wrapped with plastic. What a nice package she is! Would you like to store a bound and gagged lady like this in your locker room?

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Bound and gagged fashion model is turned into sex slave by obsessed fan

Here is a BDSM story about a beautiful supermodel and her obsessed fan. Crazy guy had beautiful blonde chloroformed, abducted and held by force at a secret hideout. Bound and gagged girl is being turned into a sex slave and fucked multiple times in bondage against her will.

Abducted supermodel bound, gagged and fucked multiple times

Abduction is always a good start for a bondage story. Sex and Submission is made another truly exciting episode where beautiful fashion model is getting chloroformed and put in sexual slavery by an obsessed fan. It all started after the photo shoot when unsuspecting girl was attacked from behind, gagged with cloth, grabbed and taken away by force.

Abduction of a supermodelChained girl is bound and gagged with cockRing gagged girl is in bondage and ready for fuck

Doggy style sex with bound girlTied spread eagle to bed and fucked

Captive slut found herself bound with chains, ball gagged and sitting on a floor in a room where there were lots of her pictures hanging all over the walls. Put on her knees and with her lingerie ripped down, helpless slut was forced to do a blowjob. Then bound and gagged model was put on all fours and taken doggy style.

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